Parking and Unparking Phone Calls

How to Park & Unpark a Call

Parking and unparking a call means you can place a caller on hold in a designated parking extension. This then allows another employee to pick up the call from any phone in your organization by dialing into the parked extension and unparking it.

How to park a phone call in order to pick it up at another location

  • On an established call to your extension press the “Trnsfr” key
  • Then press *0 followed by a number of your choosing 0 through 9
    • For example, *01 will place the call in the parking space 1, *02 will place the call in the parking space 2, etc. This indicates the number that needs to be dialed to unpark it when ready

How to unpark a call

  • From a different phone in the office, you or another employee can pick up the phone and dial *1
  • Then follow the *1 with the extension number 0 through 9 that you chose to put the phone call in
    • For example, when you parked the call, if you put it in *02, you would unpark it by dialing *12
  • Remember *0[0-9] is to put the call on hold and park it while *1[0-9] is to pick up and unpark the call

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For a short video, check out our YouTube video here about parking and unparking calls.