About Us

What We Do

We are a provider of managed IT support services for small to mid-sized businesses and individual professionals. Our support services are provided by a combination of telephone, remote and/or on-site support depending on the client’s needs and budget. We can evaluate your existing network infrastructure, identify areas that need immediate attention, establish priorities and set long-term goals for your business.

What Sets Helptech Group Apart?

We understand the need to maintain your IT infrastructure to the highest standards while also making that process as painless as possible. Our goal is to provide the best, possible service in a way that helps you understand the standards, needs and limitations of the technology upon which you have come to rely. The Helptech Group will not only manage your IT infrastructure, we will also make you comfortable with it. After all, how can you possibly make the best IT choices if you do not understand what those choices are?

IT Management Means Managing Your IT Infrastructure

Too many IT support companies employ a break-fix model of doing business; something breaks, you give them a call, they come and fix it and then move on to the next problem with the next customer. While this approach to IT management may solve problems when they arise it does not prevent them from arising in the first place. What you need is a firm dedicated to preventing these problems from developing rather than reacting to problems once they have brought your business to a grinding halt. That is why we manage your IT infrastructure instead of just responding to it. Preventing problems before they occur saves you time, money and aggravation and gives your customers the stability required to successfully compete in today’s competitive marketplace.

The highest levels of customer service

Dedication to our clients and their technology needs

A complete understanding of technology and business solutions

A complete approach to business IT management which sets us apart from the competition