Dynamic IP Tool

Installing Your New Dynamic IP Tool

Follow these steps to install your new Dynamic IP Tool

1.Now that you have downloaded the zip file sent to you in your Helpdesk ticket/email:

(If you get a warning upon download, continue or keep the file) 

2. Open the downloaded file

3. Double click on the file that says “Setup”

4. Click “More Info” on the Microsoft Defender, then click “Run Anyway”

5. If you get a pop up for the Dynamic IP Setup asking to install .NET file click “Install”

6. Enter your Administration (Admin) Credentials to continue  if you are not already logged in as the administrator

7. Dynamic IP Setup Wizard will pop up, click “Next” all the way through until your Admin Credentials pop up again

8. Enter your Administration (Admin) Credentials when prompted

9. Click “Close”

10. There should be a new icon on your desktop that says CEFarm19 and you can log in to make sure it works

Contact the Helpdesk at help@helptechgroup.com if you need help with any of part of this process