Password Change Help

Technology Tips to Help Deal with Password Changes

It is hard to open up a browser or read articles online without hearing about another data breach, user information stolen, companies with bad security practices, etc. But to be honest, for years most of us have dreaded that password change, needing a new PIN number, and the amount of things that we need to remember to live in today’s online world. Well, it has become a problem and everything data is lost, and there is another opportunity for the bad folks on the internet to get into and do things with our information.  At HTG we want to try and help our users deal with these changes and make it so that it is not the terrible ordeal that we make it out to be. So, here we want to place a collection of tools, procedures and ways that we can all work together and make sure our digital lives are safe.

Password changes are extremely important to companies because when you change your password as directed by company expectations, you are complying with the security policy that should be in place to keep your company safe should a cyber break in occur. Learn more about what a Security Policy should look like today.

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Fun and Simple password Generator  —   DinoPass

Free Password Save tools to keep your lists safe from prying eyes.  Bitwarden

LastPass, Free for personal use.

KeyPass, Free and great for technical minds that wish to use plugin and extensions.