Chat in 3CX

How to Instantly Chat in 3CX

This tech tip will show you how easy it is to instantly connect with your coworkers effectively through the chat feature in your 3CX connection center.

  • After you are logged into the communications center, the chat feature is on the left sidebar menu.
  • This is where all your messages will come through so they are all in one place.
  • Once you have clicked on the “Chat” feature you can see that this is where your conversations will be. You can click on an individual conversation and message back and forth with someone right here.
  • To start a new conversation, click on the plus symbol at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the option for what kind of chat you want to start.
  • Then just click on the name of the coworker(s) or numbers you wish to chat with.
  • Simply type out your message, you can even send emojis , and hit the enter key or the little send icon that looks like a paper airplane

That’s it! Now you just wait for their reply and continue connecting with them through your chat

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