How to Release or Block Quarantine Emails

Releasing or blocking quarantined emails for Proofpoint Essentials

When there is one or more possible spam emails that Proofpoint is not sure how you want to handle in your spam quarantine you will get an email from Proofpoint Essentials – Quarantine Digest.

Within Proofpoint’s email, you will see the sender, subject, and delivery date/time of the possible spam email. Next to that, you will also see actions you will need to decide on for each email in quarantine.

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You can:

  • Click on Preview to see the content of the email received while Proofpoint still blocks certain aspects like pictures and links to keep you safe until you decide if the email is spam or not.
  • Click on Release to have that email delivered to your primary inbox in order to view the email fully but still keep the email address under quarantine should the same sender email you again.
  • Click on the Release & Approve to allow the email to be delivered to your primary inbox as well as add the sender to an approved list and keep their future emails out of your quarantine.
  • Click on Block to deny the email access to your inbox and block future emails from the sender.
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Why Messages Are Quarantined

Proofpoint wants to let you know that messages are quarantined because they are deemed to be potentially harmful or as a result of being caught by a filter or blocked sender list entry. Most, but not all, quarantined messages can be released, thereby being sent or delivered as originally intended. The length of time quarantined messages remain visible is set up as part of the quarantine digest, but is at most 30 days.

A message may be quarantined if:

  • It contains a virus. Such messages can be seen but cannot be released.
  • It has been classifier as spam (subject to user and company spam settings). Such messages can be seen and may be released.
  • It has been quarantined as a result of a custom filter. Depending on the filter settings, such messages may be seen and may be able to be released.
  • It matches an entry in the blocked sender list.