Logging Off of the Cloud Properly

Why Logging Off of the Cloud Properly is Needed

When you are done working on the cloud for the day, you might be tempted to leave tabs open that you will use tomorrow and hit the “X” button to close the cloud. While it might seem okay to do that since you cannot see the desktop up anymore so you can assume it is closed, it is actually still open and running in the background which can cause a lot of problems.

Reasons to Close the Cloud Properly

When you close the cloud properly, your data can be backed up like you need. When files are properly closed out the system is more likely to get a good backups.

When you stay logged in to everything (the cloud and your web browser tabs open in the cloud) that will eventually cause performance issues like errors opening pages, freezing, slow loading times, etc.

When you stay logged in for too long all the ads that you see in web pages start to take up your valuable memory space and begin to cause problems slowing your system down, causing glitches, and will not allow your device to work as it’s full capacity. While staying logged in may save you a few minutes in the morning when you start work, it is better to start with a fresh web browser and opening the cloud from the beginning in order to keep your cloud running the best as possible.

How to close the Cloud Properly

  • Log out of all your open web browser tabs with a log out or sign out button
  • Close all open windows
  • Log out of the Cloud by clicking the “Logoff” button that can be found in the “Start” menu

Remember: closing all those extra web browser tabs in Chrome, Edge, and other browsers, plus properly logging out of the Cloud will help keep your system healthier to avoid issues in the future