Hosted Email and SPAM Filtering

Hosted Email & SPAM Filtering

Helptech Group, LLC can set up Computer Networks and Servers for a home business, aspiring Fortune 500 company, giant corporations, or any size company in between.

Every rising business needs a dedicated email domain name that is unique to that company. HTG can create user and login names for computers and Microsoft Outlook. How much more professional will the company look with professional emails?

Just picture Jonathan Doe, a medical device salesman who used to skateboard during his youth. As a client, which email would you take more seriously: or The obvious choice is the latter one.

HTG can also set up SPAM Filtering and block random junk emails. If a user accidentally clicks on a link within junk mail, it may compromise their computer by downloading a form Malware.

These services are available to any client at a very affordable rate.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for a Network consultation. Also check out the other Services we offer.