Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery

At Helptech Group, LLC we can ensure that all of your files, applications, and systems are protected and instantly retrievable, regardless of when or what disaster strikes your electronics.

“Can’t I just back up with an external hard drive or USB drive?”

Well, yes you can but let us asks you two questions: “Do you remember to backup every day?” and “What will happen if the computer is stolen, fire /water damages occur, or lighting strikes and fries the computer?”

If you cannot answer those questions truthfully, then HTG Data Backup and Recovery is the perfect match for your home computer and small business.

We can automatically backup your data at a time that is convenient for you. This is the perfect way your business is not interrupted.

What sets HTG apart from those internet based companies I see on television?

Where is your data located?

In the Cloud? Where is it located? Mars, California, India who knows?

Just think about how long it will take the company to sort through all its customers and servers to find your specific data.

Then you have to download the data.

This all depends on your internet connection. A slow internet connection (Dial-up 56kb) would take about 88 hours to download 50 gigabytes of data, while on Verizon FiOS, the same file would take about 26 hours.

If the internet connection times out then the download needs to be restarted.

At HTG, “Fast and Effective Response Time” is our motto.

To customers in the local DMV area, we can come on-site and personally restore your missing data.

We can get you back up and running in less than 24 hours, generally, within a few hours after the initial call.

HTG can set up a virtual server so you may work while we restore your data.

This will allow you to access QuickBooks and other important documents resulting in minimal downtime and minimal profit lost due to missing data.

In extreme cases, such as theft or system failure HTG can supply the client with a temporary laptop. This convenience allows the client to be able to work and access their data from the comfort of their home.

During this time, HTG can order you a computer, optimize it, and restore missing data.