How to change your Voicemail PIN in 3CX


Changing your Voicemail PIN Number 

1. Dial the voicemail extension listed on your welcome email. In most cases this will be 999. If you have a physical phone on your desktop, you can press the voicemail or message button.

2. When prompted, enter your current PIN followed by #.

3. Press 9 for Options.

4. You can change your PIN by pressing 7 and follow the prompts to change it.

5. When done, press # to return to the main menu or simply hang up.

6. If all else fails, contact the helpful people at Helptech Group at 703-496-5090

We hope you find this helpful, but also know that most of the options can be changed just by listening to the messages.

If you need assistance, please contact us at We’re here to get you connected!